If you haven't visited the Canadian based site, officially called The Paulo and Nita Friere International Project for Critical Pedagogy - you are really missing a key resource! Initiated by Joe L. Kincheloe, The Freire Project (situated at McGill University) this site is dedicated to building an international critical community which works to promote social justice in a variety of cultural contexts. We are committed to conducting and sharing critical research in social, political, and educational locations.

Ontario is also the current haunt of the acclaimed critical scholar, Henry Giroux (at McMaster U). It is very exciting to me to see such amazing work being done in Canada - and many schools (such as the BSN program at Kwantlen Polytechnic University) embracing critical pedagogy as a key foundation for nursing education. Who better to equip with critical activist and reflective praxis skills, than the nurses of tomorrow? They are perfect agents for change, and get excited about it too!

Visit the Friere Project at: http://freire.mcgill.ca/